Always – It’s all about love. T

Angry Dreams – Monica comes up with an unusual solution. T

Can You Hear Me Now? – Cell phones are a wonderful thing. M

Candlelight and Kisses – Dana invites Monica to dinner. T

Date, A – Dana has a date. T

Dedication, The – Will a chance meeting, five years after Scully and Mulder went on the run, change anything. T

It Was Raining – The rain was only fitting on a day like this one. G

Life Was Good – It wasn’t what Monica predicted. G

No Regrets – Monica is concerned Dana may have some regrets. T

Walls – Will Reyes ever get through Scully’s walls. T


X-Files Crossovers

X-Files/CSI Miami


Catharsis – Angry women, big guns, and hot sex. M

Downright Irresistible – Calleigh did something at work and Dana is angry about it. T

Interior Decorating – Calleigh has some decorating ideas. T

It Was Just the Beginning – There was passion beneath her cool exterior. M

Moving Day – Calleigh has a new neighbor. M

New to Miami – Calleigh meets the new ME. G

Other Half, The – I think I see part of my soul… T

Pathology of Attraction – Calleigh is attending a forensics seminar at Quantico and is quite taken with the instructor – Dr. Dana Scully. M

See You Tomorrow – Dana helps rescue Calleigh. T

You Do the Paperwork – Dana leaves the paperwork to Mulder. T


X-Files/Lost Girl

Hunger (Dana/Bo) – What happens when a hungry succubus hooks up with a certain redhead? M