The Dentist

A/N: This is the result of prompt given to me by ymmat09.


“But, Dana, I hate going to the dentist!” Jess whined.

“I don’t care; you’re going.”

Jess started to object again, but was cut off by a stern look and a warning tone of voice.

“You are going to the dentist, Jess, or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else what we just did,” she arched an eyebrow, “won’t be happening again.”

Jess wilted under the threat.


Dana put down the book she’d been reading while sitting up in bed when her lover arrived home. It was after midnight.

“How did your appointment go?”

“Fine.” Jess sat on the side of the bed and faced the redhead. “See for yourself.” She parted her lips and showed off her fangs.

“Let’s test them.”

Dana’s head tilted to the side as she offered Jess her throat. Jess slipped her arms around her lover, closed her mouth over Dana’s pulse point and sank her fangs into her flesh.


“So, how was it?” Jess asked after they’d made love.

“Much better with them sharpened. Your fangs hurt when they get dull.”