T and A

A/N: This is the result of a prompt given to me by jessekingsley.


“You’ve never seen The Devil Wears Prada?!”

“Well, why would I watch it? I couldn’t care less about high fashion or fashion magazines.”

“But it’s got Meryl Streep.”

Jess shrugged. “It’s just not a movie that interests me. My taste in fashion is rather simple.”

Dana turned and took in her lover’s outfit for the evening. “Well, I must say, I do appreciate your sense of fashion.” She walked up, slipped her arms around Jess’s waist, and then slid her hands into the back pockets of the soft, leather pants. “And your choices do compliment you quite well… especially your ass,” she said giving said body part a squeeze.

A dark brow arched. “So you like me just for my ass, huh?”

The redhead dropped her gaze to the form-fitting pullover Jess was wearing. “Uh… no. You definitely have other appealing… assets.”

The dark brow arched even higher. “You’re a tits and ass woman!”

Dana looked back up into sparkling grey eyes. “What matters is that I’m your woman.”

Jess smiled. “Indeed.”

They kissed deeply… and didn’t make it out to the movie theater that night.