Her Rock

A/N: This is the result of a prompt given to me by K_icker


Dana stood silent and tense, her back to her lover, only the trembling of her shoulders as she took a shaky breath indicating her emotions, though Jess could feel the hurt and anger rolling off the redhead in waves.


Without turning, Dana held up a hand, cutting off whatever her lover was going to say. She was too vulnerable, too exposed. She couldn’t handle understanding from Jess, much less comfort… not yet.

Jess’s own blood was beginning to boil. She couldn’t bear to see Dana hurt like this. The son of a bitch was going to pay when she got her hands on him. Despite her lover’s withdrawal, she couldn’t hold back when a quiet sob broke through her control. Jess physically turned Dana around and wrapped her in her arms.

Dana fought against the woman trying to hold her at first. Her control was shattering, the sharp edges inflicting emotional wounds. But Jess didn’t let her pull away. Slowly, eventually, Dana’s went around the brunette’s waist and she gave in. She cried and raged, her lover taking her pain and anger like rocks take waves – solid, strong, never moving, breaking the waves and sending them back into the ocean. Jess was her rock.