Weak In The Knees

Weak In The Knees Series:

Weak In The Knees – Scully and Mulder are assigned to a taskforce to catch a vicious serial killer. But who is that agent assigned by the Director? And why does she make Scully’s temperature rise? M
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Snapshots – A brief history of Jessica Morgan leading up to Weak in the Knees. Even though this is a prequel, it best read after Weak in the Knees. M

Dana – Who was she? G

Northern Lights – Jess has been gone for several weeks on an undercover assignment, but when she calls home to let Dana know the case is over Dana knows right away that something is very wrong. Now it’s up to her to find out what it is, and up to Dana put the pieces back together when she realizes Jess is falling apart. M


Sensuous Senses Series:

Scent – A scent so uniquely perfect. M

Touch – Dana likes to touch. M

Listen – Listen to my voice. M

Watch – You must watch… only watch. M

Taste – Mmmm, delicious! M


Schmoop Bingo Series:

Trust Me – Jess has a surprise for Dana. T

She’s A Keeper – Dana gets a call from an old college friend. T

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – The electricity goes out during a winter storm. T

Home – Dana’s had a bad week. T

Lily – A rescued baby reminds Dana of everything taken from her while Mulder’s partner. T

I’m Here For You – Dana knows just how to make Jess feel better. T

The Card – Dana has a secret admirer. T

Date Night – Dana treats Jess to a special evening. T


Dana/Jess One Shots:

Asolutely Not – Sex in a morgue? M

Amnesia – Jess suddenly forgets. T

Anger, Trust and Forgiveness – Dana is very angry, and Jess won’t apologize. T

Busted! – Dana discovers Jess’s secret. T

Captivated – Dana and Jess attend a charity benefit. T

Carrot?!, A – It was the most bizarre thing she’d ever seen. G

Christmas – Dana and Jess spend their first Christmas together at the Scully family cabin. T

Compromise – It was a fair compromise. G

Conditioner Treatment? – Something went wrong at the hair salon. T

Dana’s Surprise – Dana has a surprise for Jess. T

Dentist, The – Jess has to go to the dentist. (crack!fic) T

Dessert – Jess has a big appetite. T

Distraction – Dana is trying to read a book. M

Do You Like Your Surprise? – Jess has a surprise for Dana. T

Fever – Jess is very sick. T

Five Time Dana Wanted Jess to Bite Her… and One Time She Bit Back – The title says it all. M

Flu, The – Jess has the flu. G

Good Time, A – Someone is having a really good time. M

Her Rock – Jess was her rock. T

How Long – How long has it been? T

I Do Give a Damn – Dana puts a doctor in his place (companion piece to Incorrigible) T

I Was Only Joking – Dana and Jess make a bet. G

I’m Cold – Jess is freezing (crack!fic) G

Incorrigible – Dana’s had enough of someone’s attitude. (companion piece to I Do Give a Damn) T

Is That A Yes? – Jess asks a question. T

Manor, The – A lot of work went into it. G

No Choice – Will a case come between Dana and Jess? T

No Matter What – Dana hasn’t spoken to Jess for a week. T

No One Will Know – Jess promises to keep it a secret. G

Phonus Interruptus – Will they answer the phone? T

Picture, The – Jess has posted something on LiveJournal. (crack!fic) M

Plotting – Dana’s going to get some revenge. G

Possessive – Mulder held the stake over Jess’s heart and sneered… T

Private Celebration – Dana doesn’t feel the urge to party. T

Proms, The – Jess introduces Dana to a British tradition. G

Purple Nightmares – Dana doesn’t want anymore nightmares. T

Raw – Jess asks Dana about a phone call she received. T

Reaffirmation – It wasn’t much of an argument. T

Safe and Sound – Dan’s been worried about Jess. T

Shootout, The – Dana and Jess are pinned down, outgunned, and surrounded. T

Sleep Aid – Dana hasn’t been able to sleep. G

Steam – Dana and Jess use the steam room at the gym. M

Storm – Just a little time for themselves after a case. T 

T and A – Jess isn’t into high fashion. T

Their Undefined Bond – Will Dana find Jess in time? T

Three’s Company – Will two become three? T

To Right a Wrong – Dana’s been searching for someone. Very AU. T

Too Tall? – Someone is too tall. G

Unfixable – Can it be fixed? T

Welcome Home – Dana missed Jess while Jess was out of town on assignment. M 

Yes, Dear – Jess is in trouble. G

You Never Know – Jess was used to local law enforcement officers noticing Dana. T


X-Files/SG-1 Crossover:

Feed Or Go Mad (Dana/Jess; Sam/Janet) – Sam has been infected. T


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