The Prophecy

All these stories are Janet/Kris.

The Prophecy Series

Prophecy, The – Months after Janet is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on a mission to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. M
ch 1-7 | ch 8-14 | ch 15-21 | ch 22-28

Tension – Janet is tense and worried when Kris goes on her first off-world mission, and Kris has the cure. M

Torture – Kris hates high heels, but Janet makes it up to her. T

Janet/Kris One Shots

Anniversary Tradition – They have plans for their anniversary. G

Bad Trashcan, The – Janet is having a bad day — a very bad day. T

Birthday Celebration – Janet is planning a surprise for Kris. G

Blade, The – Kris builds an Areth self-defense weapon that looks suspiciously familiar to Janet. G

Dancing – Cassie doesn’t know Kris well. G

Radiant – Kris wants to show Janet something. G

Snowed In – Janet and Kris get snowed in. M

Some Fresh Air – Kris isn’t happy with her latest mission, and Janet has a long day. G

Tarred And Feathered – Kris receives a dubious honor off-world. R

Virus – Janet has to battle a virus brought back to the SGC from off-world. G

You Call That A Problem? – “There’s just one little problem when I do that.” T