Without Me Noticing

A/N: Written for Snowflake Challenge. 3rd of the Janet’s Secrets series.


She did it without me noticing. She did it slowly, gently, almost without a trace.

What had once been a smile at her open and friendly greeting, became a warming in the very place within I believed had died, never to be revived.

Then the warming turned to anticipation. Always looking forward to talking with her, laughing with her, commiserating with her.

It wasn’t all at once. It took some time. But it happened. When she wasn’t there, I began to miss her. The day didn’t seem as complete without one of our talks, without one of her smiles.

I don’t know how she did it. But now, somehow, I need her. I need her touch—the touch of her laughter on my heart; the touch of her intellect on my mind; the touch of her spirit on my soul.