A Little Pride

A/N1: I started a prompt table four years ago but only got halfway through it. Figured I’d try to work on it again. 😉 100prompts, table 1/prompt 17 (weapon).
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Everyone at the base knows how I feel about using weapons. I am a doctor, after all. But… I did know what I was getting myself into when I joined the Air Force. I knew my Hippocratic Oath and my duty as a military officer would likely conflict at some point. However, I never had a clue about what I would end up facing here at the SGC. I mean, who would have ever thought that aliens were real and that I’d not only be working with an alien, but that I’d adopt an alien child?!

I’m getting off on a tangent.

I may not like the idea of shooting someone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a little pride in my scores at the shooting range. Shooting targets isn’t the same as shooting people, not even those mannequins they use on the combat course.

After that incident we had back when Hathor took over the base, I knew I had better get up to speed on my weapons training. Fortunately, the general allowed me to get that training away from the SGC. I didn’t have to deal with anyone’s preconceived notions about me at the base in Florida. And I certainly didn’t want Fuzzbutt O’Neill giving me a hard time about my lack of skill.

Anyway, today the SGC had its annual weapons re-quals, and, as usual, O’Neill and Makepeace got into a “lighthearted” pissing contest. Although I say “lighthearted” because no punches were thrown, some deadly looks were definitely exchanged, and I know I heard some growling. Makepeace practically crowed when he beat O’Neill’s score on the combat range by 6 points, saying there was no way an Air Force officer could out shoot a Marine under combat conditions.

O’Neill, of course, laughed his head off when Sam beat Maj Warren by 5 points. I swore I could see steam rising from Makepeace’s ears. Then it was Daniel vs Capt Wade. Wade beat Daniel, of course, by 5 points. O’Neill then called up Teal’c, but Makepeace put the kibosh on that. He said that since Teal’c used a staff weapon instead of a P-90 and an M9, it wouldn’t be a fair competition. O’Neill gave in and told Makepeace to pick any Air Force officer to be O’Neill’s fourth.

I kind of wish I had a picture of both their faces when Makepeace smirked and pointed at me. “Her,” he said. O’Neill looked like he swallowed his tongue. He sputtered, managing to say that he’d meant any officer who was a member of team. Makepeace quickly pointed out that I was the C.O. of SG-8. Since he couldn’t dispute that fact, O’Neill hung his head and gave a negligent hand wave. He was obviously resigning himself to the fact that his team was as good as whipped.

Lt Penhall and I prepared ourselves. He went first. Being the sharpshooter of SG-3, he put up their highest score. I’ll give Fuzzbutt his due; he actually gave me a pretty good pep talk without his usual snark, reminding me to relax and to remember to breathe while on the combat course.

I must say, I was quite proud of myself when I got to the end of course! I had set a new personal best score… and I’d managed to make both of the colonels shut up and just stare at me in silence as I simply walked away. Well, I should say, when I walked away after giving them a wink and blowing imaginary smoke from the end of my gun barrel. I’m not sure how I kept a straight face until I got back to my office. I’ll have to ask Sam later if she can get me a copy of the security tape, so I can watch the scene again… and again!

It was about 2 hours later when I heard a knock on my office door. I was working on a report, so I didn’t look up right away when I called to whoever it was to come in. I was floored to see every Marine from the base, including Col Makepeace, march into my office and gather in formation. The next thing I knew, Makepeace stepped forward and presented to me a Mameluke sword. He was actually smiling when he explained that my run on the combat course earlier had set a new base record! I had beat every single person at the SGC—including all the Marines. So, out of respect for my little badass self, they were making me an honorary Marine! I was completely stunned.

All I could say was, “Thank you, I’m honored.” Makepeace’s smile widened, and Lt Penhall winked at me as the Marines marched back out of my office. I sat there feeling damn proud for several minutes… then I hung that sword above my medical diploma on my office wall!