Night Wolf

by Cherokee62

I watched her from my darkened corner, unable to believe that I had finally found her, that not only was she real but standing no less than 30 feet from me.

I had wandered into this town less than two weeks ago, sure as I always was that I was the only one of my kind. My intent was to rest here a little while, find substance and some temporary companionship, just enough of each to take off the cold night’s chill.

I hid in the shadows during the day, almost invisible to those who went about their daily chores, so safe and secure in their belief that my kind did not exist; and I roamed free and content in the dark of night, where I felt the most safe and secure, and where their lack of belief did not dampen their fantasy that my kind just might exist.

One night I wandered into a club, pulled there by the pulsating beat of the music and the heady scent of need and desire of the women who danced to the primal sounds. I felt their eyes on me as I moved through the crowds, dressed as I was every night; all in black, all in leather.

My eyes had landed on a sexy auburn haired woman with just the kind of curves I liked, She’ll do nicely, I thought as I glided toward my prey, both ignoring and enjoying the feeling of eyes roaming over the short waisted Motorcycle jacket that stopped at the top of a pair of skin tight leather pants, that showed off a high rounded ass and muscular thighs. I was just about to reach out and take hold of the night’s entertainment when I felt her. I froze and looked around with a frown on my face, my nostrils flaring slightly as I caught her scent from somewhere in the room.

“Is it possible?” I murmured to myself, the auburn-haired woman forgotten as I turned in circles. I had not felt that charge since leaving home so long ago. Not since I found my home in the dark of night after the only other like myself had turned me out. “Where are you?” I whispered into the air as I glided almost invisibly through the club. For a moment I caught a glimpse of dark hair, a classic beautiful face, a long leather duster as she swept passed me just inches away. I heard her throaty laugh and it filled me with need and wonder and I pushed roughly through the throng but the feeling was gone and only a tantalizing remnant of her scent remained.

I searched every night for two weeks until I felt it again, and I followed it like a beacon of light in the dark and it led me here… so close to what could not possibly exist. Another like me.

I moved with stealth to flank her from the left when suddenly another woman, this one younger and blonde stepped out of the darkness and embraced the brunette I had been following. “TWO!” I felt a low growl build in the back of my throat, one I could handle, perhaps even seduce. But two?

“You can come out, you know. We won’t bite if you behave yourself.”

We’re they talking to me? I saw as both women turned and their eyes stared right at the spot in which I was hiding. I chuckled deeply, of course they knew I was here, they could feel me as surely as I could feel them.

I rose from my crouch and stepped out into the light. “Good evening, ladies. Pleasant night for a little walk.”

“Who are you?” the young one demanded.

I laughed, what an impetuous pup. I stared at her, letting my eyes shift from dark, chocolate brown to blood red. “BOO!” The pup jumped and I chuckled louder.

I looked at the Alpha and smiled, “I am no one. Just passing through.”

I turned to leave and looked back, “Your pup is adorable. Whelp or…?” I let the question hang and her answering growl gave me the information I sought.

I bowed and with a smile closer to a smirk I stepped back into the darkness and faded from sight.


“Hey, wait!” Blood Wolf stepped forward but the stranger was gone.

“Who was she?” Lady asked, still insulted and embarrassed by being spooked.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her again.”