Good Clean Fun

by Geekgrrllurking

“What’s this?” Blood Wolf entered the bathroom, wine bottle in hand noticing the bath water getting foamy and frothy.

“What does it look like?” Lady Wolf smirked over her shoulder and screwed the cap back onto the delicate bottle in her hand, slipping it back onto the vanity.

“Well, bubbles obviously,” Blood Wolf said placing the wine onto the vanity as well.

“Gotta love a girl with such sharp detective skills,” Lady Wolf grinned and cupped her partner’s cheek, ignoring the long-suffering eye roll. She turned back to the tub and checked the water temperature one last time before shutting off the taps.

“But I don’t do bubbles,” Blood said, almost whining.

Lady turned again and stared at her lover. She cocked an eyebrow and dropped her robe, the material hitting the tiles with a soft whisper. Blood Wolf swallowed hard and watched as the naked backside of her lover slipped down into the hot water and disappeared into the foam.

“Well, maybe I could make an exception,” Blood murmured, distracted as Lady Wolf leaned back and sighed with pleasure. A long, lean leg stretched up out of the water, foam and water sliding slowly off the slick flesh before it disappeared again into the bubbly depths of the tub with a little splash.

“Right,” Lady Wolf smirked, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she pulled a poof from the soap holder. “Good plan, Wolfie.”

“I mean, who knows what might be lurking in those evil nasty puffs of soap. Zombies, vampires, republicans, oh my.” Blood Wolf poured out two glasses of wine and dropped her jammies in one fell swoop, before making her way to the tub.

“My hero,” Lady grinned, making room for the other woman as Blood sank down behind her in the tub, not spilling a drop.

“And don’t you forget it.” Blood handed over the chilled wine with a charming smile and a quick kiss.

Lady Wolf chuckled softly as she leaned back felt her lover’s strong arms encircle her, holding her close, a hand sliding down under the water, exploring slick wet flesh. Operation Bubbles was a success; score one for the plucky sidekick‚Ķ