Christmas Getaway

By Geekgrrllurking and Dhamphir

Lady Wolf slowly eased herself out the window, scampering across the roof before leaping across to a bare tree branch and making her way down to the snow covered lawn. Slipping and sliding along the ice covered driveway, she arrived at the bottom of the hill to find a sight for sore eyes. Blood Wolf, patiently waiting.

“About damn time,” Lady Wolf grinned and slid onto the idling motorcycle, snuggling tight against the warm body of her rescuer. “I was starting to worry.”

“Never fear, my dear,” Blood Wolf revved the motorcycle engine and handed over a helmet. “Once I got the message, nothing could have stopped me. Now let’s get the hell out of here, I’m freezing my ass off.”

“Well, we can’t have that!” Lady Wolf glanced down and checked out the shapely leather clad bottom. Ignoring Blood Wolf’s raised eyebrow, she simply laughed. They slipped on their helmets and she slid closer, holding on tight and sighing happily as they pulled out onto the street and disappeared into the night.

Blood Wolf chuckled as she keyed the 2-way contained in their helmets. “Those aren’t handles, you know.” She used one hand to reposition Lady Wolf’s errant paws hands back to her midriff. “If you can contain yourself just a little longer, I’ve got a surprise for you. But you’ve got be a good little pup.”

Lady Wolf grinned widely. “You know me – I can be good… but I’m best when I’m bad.”

Blood Wolf felt the heat of the body pressed against her back and swallowed. “Don’t I know it,” she murmured. She edged the needle of the speedometer up a little higher.

Speeding through the night, along the winding country roads they made good time. Several hours later they made their way along the edge of a moonlit lake. Blood Wolf slowed the bike and turned off the main road, coming to park next to a log cabin. Cutting the engine, she tugged off her helmet and smiled over her shoulder at her confused passenger as she did the same.

“We’re here.” Blood Wolf placed both helmets on the handlebars and waited for the inevitable questions.

“I thought we were on our way to Vegas?” Lady Wolf leaned against the other woman’s warm back, loath to move.

“A bit far to travel in one night.” The compact brunette shifted as Lady Wolf sighed and dismounted from the bike. “Besides, your surprise is inside.”

The blonde stood and stretched as Blood Wolf moved off the bike and made her way to the front door of the log cabin. Unlocking the door, she held it open for her to go in first.

“Hmm, I don’t need Vegas to get lucky it would seem…” Lady Wolf muttered, unable to contain the sexy smirk that graced her lips as she sashayed past her rescuer and into the cabin.

Blood Wolf merely smiled, and quietly shut the door behind them.

Lady Wolf unzipped her leather jacket and looked around. “So where’s my surprise?”

“My, we are impatient, aren’t we?” taunted Blood Wolf with a smirk.

“Well, you said if I was good you had a surprise for me. I believe I lived up to my part of the bargain,” the blonde replied in a tone that was half-pout and half-defiant. Actually, there was a little too much defiance in blonde’s tone.

Blood Wolf arched an eyebrow. She adored Lady Wolf, would do just about anything for her… but there could only be one alpha in a pack.

Lady Wolf didn’t miss the warning. “Sorry. It’s just that it’s been too long since we had any time alone together without having to run off and save an innocent, or stop some bad guys, or something. And then I got stuck alone with my mother. Just being here with you is enough.”

Blood Wolf saw the sincerity in Lady Wolf’s eyes. She walked up to the blonde and with a hand to the middle of her chest suddenly shoved her backwards onto the couch. She straddled the blonde’s hips and claimed her lips in a fierce, possessive kiss.

Soon, two sets of leathers were on the floor as the pair reacquainted themselves with the power of the unnamable force that drew them together.


Lady Wolf blinked awake and shifted under the homemade quilt, stretching achy muscles. Grinning, she remembered just exactly how she got those stiff muscles, and blearily glanced around the dark room. A fire crackled away in the hearth of a huge stone fireplace that dominated one wall. She could smell the scent of pine from where she lay on the couch and turned to find nestled in the corner of the room a real Christmas tree.

The tree was aglow with white lights and antique glass ornaments. Popcorn strands circled the boughs and at the top sat a lighted porcelain angel beaming down on the room. At the base of the tree was a quilted tree skirt, several wrapped packages and Blood Wolf humming happily to herself as she wrapped a small last present. Hearing Lady Wolf stir she glanced up and smiled.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” Blood Wolf murmured softly as she watched Lady Wolf stand and wrap the quilt tightly against her tempting, naked curves before shuffling across the cold floor towards her. “I think somebody missed me…”

“You have no idea how much. I’m so glad you rescued me,” Lady Wolf sank down beside her lover, long fingers threading through the dark hair before slowly leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to tempting lips. She felt strong hands slip inside her warm quilt, causing a sharp hiss of surprise. “Gah! Your hands are freezing.”

“Cold hands, warm heart.” Blood Wolf chuckled, pulling the blonde around to hold her close. Tucking a strand of hair behind a delicate ear, she whispered softly to her lover resting comfortably in her arms. “Do you like your surprise? There’s still more to come.”

Lady Wolf looked around the decorated cabin. Besides the tree and blazing fire, candles lighted the entire room, a small table set with gleaming dinnerware and a chilled bottle of wine waiting for them. She barely noticed Blood Wolf pressing a button on a small remote, when suddenly Christmas music filled the room. Her eyes welled with tears.

“Christmas here, alone with you? I don’t need anything else. It’s perfect. Thank you.” Lady Wolf turned to stare into the dark chocolate eyes of her thoughtful partner. “I love you, so much.”

Blood Wolf closed the last few inches between them, once more claiming her lover as her own. Finally pulling briefly apart for much needed air, she leaned back and smiled, content.

“I love you too, my lady. Merry Christmas.”