A Pack Of Two

A/N: Dedicated to my Evil Twin who helped to create this new universe to play in.

By Dhamphir

It had been a long time since she had felt a woman’s hand touch her, and it had been worth the wait. It amazed her how powerful her reaction was to a simple touch, the warmth of a soft caress brushing her hair behind her ear. It rocked her to her core. The blonde had taken her completely by surprise.

Blood Wolf never let her guard down. It was a way to quickly be killed for people with her avocation. Crime-fighting was dangerous, especially when one did so by not following the ‘rules.’ Or at least by not following other people’s rules. She had her own set of rules that she lived by. And one of the rules was to never let her guard down.

But then she met the blonde.

She couldn’t believe the audacity of the woman. The blonde actually had the nerve to introduce herself as Lady Wolf. She should have sent ‘Lady Wolf’ packing on the spot, but she had to admit the blonde intrigued her in a way no one had in a very long time. So she gave the upstart a chance to prove herself.

Lady Wolf turned out to be quite resourceful and a quick study. Her fighting technique had been a little rough around the edges, but their sparring matches helped with that. Lady Wolf’s cyber skills were wicked and had made a crucial difference in a more than one situation.

Blood Wolf had been a loner for a long time and was surprised to find she enjoyed having the blonde around. Lady Wolf was smart; and it didn’t hurt that she was attractive. Of course, smart always was sexy.

“Hey, B, where’d you go?”


“Just now, you went somewhere.”

“Sorry. I was just thinking.” A warm hand gently caressed her cheek.

“If this is too much–”

Blood Wolf covered the hand on her cheek with her own. “No, no.”

“I mean I realize that–”

She cut off Lady Wolf by placing a finger over the blonde’s lips. “Don’t talk; kiss me.”

She sighed as Lady Wolf pressed her lips against her own. Blood Wolf returned the kiss, deepening it. She moaned as their tongues met and tangoed. Goosebumps spread up her spine and along her arms as a warm hand slipped under her top to caress bare skin. Blood Wolf’s moan morphed into a growl as the blonde’s other hand traced the seam of her jeans along her crotch. She rose up, pushing Lady Wolf back against the couch and straddling the blonde’s lap.

Four hands quickly removed the Blood Wolf’s shirt and bra. She let out a gasp when Lady Wolf trailed kisses down her throat and chest and took a nipple into the moist warmth of the blonde’s mouth, making her squirm. She sank her fingers into flaxen hair and pulled Lady Wolf from her breast, claiming her mouth in a deep kiss.

“Bed. Now,” she growled as they shared breath. She felt the blonde smile into their kiss just before Lady Wolf stood. She wrapped her legs around the blonde’s waist as she was carried into the bedroom.

Blood Wolf writhed as soft lips and a silky tongue painted her skin with exquisite sensation. She couldn’t shed her remaining clothing fast enough. Her head slammed back into the mattress as she felt her new lover’s tongue slip between her wet folds. Time expanded and contracted as she was immersed in erotic sensation.

When she returned to earth Lady Wolf was gently holding her, carding fingers through her dark hair.

“Mmmm… Okay.”

“Okay what?”

Blood Wolf smiled lazily. “You’re in.”


“You’re part of the pack.” She lifted her head from Lady Wolf’s shoulder and smiled down at her. “Of course it’s only a pack of two.” She received a dimpled smile.

“As long as I’m part of your pack I’m happy.” The blonde paused for a beat. “This is the best Valentine’s Day ever.”

Blood Wolf’s lips spread in a feral smile. “It’s not over yet.” It was time to show her new lover why she was the alpha wolf.