Welcome to my den. On this website you will find my fanfiction, and a little original fiction. My stories are centered around women and women loving women. So if you don’t care for that kind of story, please just move along and look elsewhere for something more to your liking.

Stories are rated as follows: G=general audiences, T=teen, M=mature. I tend to rate T instead of G if there’s even just the slightest question.

I have always been a night person, even as a kid. I think being a chronic insomniac has a lot to do with it. I sleep better during daylight hours and am much more creative at night. I’ve always joked that there must be a vampire somewhere in my family tree. Besides, vampires are just such sexy, mythical creatures. Even though they are very often portrayed as evil monsters, people are still drawn to them. And what a wonderful treat it is when they are portrayed as the protagonist. Shows like Forever Knight, Moonlight, The Kindred and, of course, Buffy, showed us vampires that were more than the common stereotype.

So, in honor of my creative night-self, and the “vampire in the family tree,” I’ve adopted the vampire, or rather dhamphir (human/vampire hybrid) as my online identity and pen name.

I can be found here: DreamwidthAO3, LiveJournal

You can contact me directly at: dhamphir@ymail.com


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