The Other Half

A/N: Written or geekgrrllurking from her ‘first line’ prompt.


Sometimes when we lay together like this, I stare at her and for a brief magical moment, I think I see a part of my soul, lurking there, just behind her eyes. And then she reaches for me, touches me, and my eyes close in pleasure. My breath quickens and my heart begins to pound. Her hands and mouth find every sensitive place that makes my body sing.

“Hey, where are you?”

“With you,” I reply with a smile as I open my eyes.

She graces me with one of her most beautiful smiles – the ones she saves for just me. She tenderly caresses my cheek. “I know. But where did you go when you closed your eyes?”

“Not where… when.”

“When?” A blonde eyebrow quirks up in confusion.

“I was just thinking about earlier.”

Her expression morphs from confusion to naughty delight her own thoughts turn to our earlier lovemaking. I’ll never tire of seeing that gleam in her beautiful green eyes… or stop being amazed that it’s directed at me. I lean in and gently press my lips against hers, once again finding their softness irresistible. I feel her finger slip into my hair, her hand cupping the back of my head as she pulls me closer and deepens the kiss. I pull back, momentarily struggling to catch my breath and slow my already racing pulse.

“Where have you been all my life?” I ask.

“Right here, waiting for you.” She pulls me back in for another kiss.

“I love you, Calleigh,” I murmur against her lips as I sink my fingers in her blonde tresses.

“And I love you, Dana.”

She pushes me onto my back and proceeds to show me how much she loves me with her touch, proving once again she’s the other half of my soul.


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