It Was Just The Beginning

A/N: This is the result of prompt given to me by jayeindc.


“That’s certainly a novel place to store one’s extra clip,” Dana uttered between kisses, as she continued removing Calleigh’s clothes.

Finally divested of her clothing, Calleigh bent her head to take Dana’s erect nipple in the mouth and began to suckle. That put an end to the redhead’s ability to form a proper sentence. And when the blonde pushed her fingers inside her, Dana lost the ability to think coherently. All she could do was feel… and everything felt so good.

Calleigh had been attracted to the FBI agent from the moment they met. The redhead was stunning, strong-willed, smart, independent, sexy, and carried within her a volcanic passion beneath her cool exterior – as Calleigh was getting to experience firsthand.

She kissed, licked, and nipped her way down Dana’s body until she settled between her thighs. Calleigh moaned when she took her in her mouth, reveling in her taste. She only wished it could last for hours, but only a couple of minutes later Dana came. Calleigh crawled back up her body and kissed her deeply.

Dana moaned into their kiss, her tongue meeting and entwining with the blonde’s. She could taste herself on Calleigh’s lips and tongue, and she couldn’t wait to taste the blonde. Dana quickly shifted, pushing against Calleigh and rolling them until she was on top of the blonde. She took a coral nipple in her mouth and teased it with her tongue. Calleigh arched up into her. But she couldn’t wait any longer.

She settled between Calleigh’s legs, wrapping her arms around her thighs. Dana was rewarded with a gasp followed by an erotic moan. She felt the woman’s fingers slide into her tresses and then clench and pull as Calleigh climaxed.

Only a few moments later they were lying on their sides, a tangle of arms and legs and tongues. It was going to be a long and very enjoyable night.


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