CSI Miami


CSI Miami Crossovers

CSI Miami/X-Files


Catharsis – Angry women, big guns, and hot sex. M

Downright Irresistible – Calleigh did something at work and Dana is angry about it. T

Interior Decorating – Calleigh has some decorating ideas for her bedroom. T

It Was Just The Beginning – There was passion beneath her cool exterior. M

Moving Day – Calleigh has a new neighbor. M

New To Miami – Calleigh meets the new ME. G

Other Half, The – I think I see a part of my soul. T

Pathology of Attraction, The – Calleigh is attending a forensics seminar at Quantico and is quite taken with the instructor – Dr. Dana Scully. M

See You Tomorrow – Dana helps to rescue Calleigh. T

You Do The Paperwork – Scully leaves the paperwork for Mulder to do. T


CSI Miami/Saving Grace


Another Round For My Friend – Due to unforeseen circumstances, two cops meet in a bar. They share a taste for bourbon, swap some stories, and find themselves in a situation new to them. M